To the Editor: Calls for improved intersection

We tragically lost a father and outstanding local resident of our community because of a dangerous condition at the intersection of Bowman road and Highway 395.

Cal trans has already made one major improvement by putting in two rows of bump strips before you get to the stop sign. Cal trans may already have a solar powered stop sign in the planning stages, as the next step to improve the safety of this intersection, similar to the stop sign at upper China Lake Boulevard and 395. I strongly think this type of blinking LED stop sign is necessary.

The approach to the Bowman intersection has an up-and-down terrain so you don’t even see highway 395 or the stop sign until you are almost at the intersection. And at night time it is even more difficult to see the stop sign or the highway.

Jerry Gentry, a frequent traveller of Bowman Road

Story First Published: 2017-10-27