Council OKs employee bonuses

Council  OKs  employee  bonusesBy BRIAN COSNER

News Review Staff Writer

The Ridgecrest City Council unanimously voted last week to award a one-time bonus to all full-time and part-time staff members.

“The employees of the city haven’t seen a cost-of-living raise since 2008,” said City Manager Ron Strand. “The city declared a fiscal emergency in 2012 and we’ve been slowly recovering ever since.”

He said that while the city still isn’t in a place to afford a cost-of-living raise, the city is able to afford the bonus “in an effort to show appreciation for their hard work.”

Full-time employees received a $1,000 bonus while part-time employees received $500. The total cost to the city was $103,000.

“I’m thankful for the employees hanging in there despite not having a cost-of-living raise,” said Councilmember Lindsey Stephens. “I hope that they can see this is our showing that we value them and appreciate all of the work they’re doing for us.”

There was no public comment on the item.

The Ridgecrest City Council meets next on Wednesday, Nov. 1, 6 p.m. at City Hall. Agenda information was not available at press time, but the agenda and more info will be made available at

Story First Published: 2017-10-27