Gov. signs legislation to protect riders

Gov. Jerry Brown signed into law Senate Bill 672, authored by state Sen. Jean Fuller, to ensure that local transportation agencies will replace current traffic-actuated signals during the course of regular maintenance and upgrade cycles to adopt motorcycle- and bicycle-sensitive signals.

“Since I authored the original law 10 years ago, this commonsense measure has proven to be effective at making our roads safer,” said Fuller.

“Not only does it make our streets safer, it does not create any significant cost to local governments.”

Current law provides that, in the course of maintaining or replacing these signals, local governments ensure that the systems are set at a level that can detect cyclists and motorcycles, thus addressing the problem without extending a specific mandate from Sacramento.

The original law included a sunset provision of 10 years to ensure that it was cost effective.

“We thank our bicycle-friendly governor and senator from Bakersfield, Jean Fuller, for the permanent extension of this transportation safety bill,” said Jim Baross, president of the California Association of Bicycling.

“With more than a million motorcyclists in our state, this legislation is imperative to protect riders on California roads,” said Glenn Phillips, chair of motorcycle-rights organization ABATE.

“We appreciate Sen. Jean Fuller continuing to protect our rights.”

Story First Published: 2017-10-20