Local virtuoso to present original compositions

Patrick Rindt & Friends to perform at Methodist Church on Nov. 11-12

Rebecca Neipp

News Review Staff Writer

Local virtuoso to present original compositionsAfter an exuberant debut last month of his Sonata for Clarinet and Left Hand Piano, local concert pianist Patrick Rindt will return to center stage for the first time in more than a decade on Saturday and Sunday, Nov. 11 and 12 — this time performing his original compositions.

“Patrick Rindt & Friends” will also feature an ensemble of some of Ridgecrest’s most celebrated musicians. Performances will be held at the United Methodist Church at 7 p.m. on Saturday and 4 p.m. on Sunday.

Since his early teens, Rindt has captivated local audiences with his immaculately executed pieces for solo piano. After a full ride at the exclusive Thornton School of Music at the University of Southern California, which helped propel him to the competitive and concert arenas of performance, he returned to his hometown to settle down with his wife Cherish, their three children and a comparatively low-profile career.

“Once I moved away from the academic environment, I found my attention increasingly focused on trying to understand the pieces I was playing,” said Rindt.

This intensive study, and pursuit to understand the compositional elements of music on an intuitive level, sparked something in his untapped creative recesses that finally sprang forth in a dream.

Upon waking, he turned that melody into a short song, and moved on without much more thought to this unexpected burst of inspiration.

After a repetitive strain injury to his right rhomboid muscle caused by playing through a rotator-cuff injury robbed him of his former ability to play, his attention to composition increased.

In 2015 he co-wrote an animated musical screenplay inspired by the story of Joan of Arc called “Jeanette” — currently under consideration for production by several Hollywood studios.

(Incidentally, that first song he wrote 10 years ago is now called “Angel of My Own,” and is sung by the titular character in “Jeanette.”)

He continued to compose, and completed a second manuscript and score in 2016 for “Cymbeline.”

Earlier this year he began writing left-hand-alone pieces, largely as a way to get reacquainted with the instrument he loves.

“Left-hand piano is actually a fairly well established genre in classical music,” said Rindt.

Some composers have used it to develop a pianist’s nondominant hand, but the most important works were composed to accommodate injured performers (perhaps most famously achieved in a concerto Maurice Ravel wrote for Paul Wittgenstein).

Within a short period of time, Rindt had amassed a repertoire of dozens of pieces.

An inspiration to compose duets led him to complete both a trumpet and a clarinet sonata, as well as several songs based on the poems of Edwin Arlington Robinson.

And for many of these, he had specific musicians in mind to perform them.

Pairing with Rindt for the upcoming performances will be Simon Austin for the trumpet concerto, as well as David Hodgson and Amber Petersen for the Robinson-inspired songs.

Rindt noted that the concert was scheduled to accommodate the availability of his sister, Darcy, who is currently playing viola and violin in the national theater tour of “Hamilton: The Musical.”

Darcy will be performing the clarinet sonata, debuted last month, on her viola. Rindt noted that the ranges and expressive qualities of the clarinet and viola are very similar, lending themselves to interchangeability.

Following each performance, concertgoers will be treated to a dessert bar and a chance to speak with Rindt and his fellow performers.

Tickets are $25 for general admission and $20 for seniors, enlisted military and youth 12 and younger. Tickets can be purchased at Cosner-Neipp Corp.

For more information about Rindt and his collaborators, visit Facebook.com/PatrickRindt.

Pictured: Patrick Rindt (left) with some collaborating musicians in his upcoming concert, including mezzo-soprano Amber Petersen, trumpeter Simon Austin and baritone David Hodgson. -- Photo by Laura Austin

Story First Published: 2017-10-20