In times of turmoil, look up


This time of turmoil is heart-wrenching, as we continue to hear stories of horror about the victims and concert attendees in the Las Vegas massacre.

When the happenings of this life are out of our control, and our best efforts of security are failing, it’s time to look up. Throughout the history of this nation, during the times of war and challenge, God has unfailingly intervened on our behalf.

Because the whole world is watching and looking to us as the last best hope, we must look at the immortal words printed on the currency that passes through our hands each day — “In God We Trust.” That must become not only what we say, but where we abide and how we live our lives.

Our leaders, from the president on down, are calling on us to pray. We need to pray for healing, but we also need to be vigilant about where we fit, and what our responsibility is, in this critical time.

— Pat Farris, publisher

Story First Published: 2017-10-06