Signs of recent showers decorate the IWV sky

Signs of recent showers decorate the IWV skyA double rainbow stretches across the entire width of the Indian Wells Valley Monday evening. The long-lasting visual stunner was the principal piece of evidence, along with traces of rain, left by a series of thunderstorms that moved through the valley earlier this week. According to China Lake Meteorologist Tamera Walters, the system moved primarily along the northeastern edges of the valley, heralding the beginning of what could be a lively storm season. “This kind of activity is pretty typical for our area during the late July-August timeframe,” said Walters. “It looks like we are getting a little break, then we will see more showers Sunday and Monday. The big unknowns right now are Hurricanes Hillary and Irwin, which are hanging off the coast of Baja California. When they dissipate they are forecasted to move up up the coast, and depending on how that tropical moisture moves, could make things very interesting for us.” -- Photo by Laura Austin

Story First Published: 2017-07-28