To the Editor: Where is street paving occurring?

At one time the city council honored the purpose for which the increase in the sales tax was voted by the citizens of Ridgecrest, the improvement of the abysmal streets of the city.

The city council took this route to doubly tax the citizens because both the federal and the state governments for years have been absconding with gasoline taxes, which have already been taken from the citizens for the purposes of road construction and maintenance. Gasoline taxes are the only appropriate means to acquire funds for highways and roads.

The city council members apparently lack the will to “fight” the higher-governing “thieves” to acquire the appropriate federal and state funds of which the citizens have already been assessed.

They themselves have in effect become “bandits” by taking from the citizens of Ridgecrest double moneys to do that for which they have already been taxed.

The city council members, true to their commitment to the citizens, after their agreeing to the unnecessary sales tax increase (easy way out for the council members, not having to fight higher governmental thieves), followed through with many worthy main-thoroughfare improvement projects. We have been patiently waiting for upgrades that are sorely needed to many disgraceful residential streets of the city.

Not having seen any recent, ongoing paving activity anywhere around the city, I consulted the Internet to determine if there are any Ridgecrest public works activities under way.

The only thing I found was one- and two-year-old, already-completed activity along Ridgecrest Boulevard and the long-ago completed South Sunland residential street construction work. Also cited, as an ongoing project, was the traffic-light construction on Upjohn Street and China Lake Boulevard. This project was completed well over a year ago.

Has the city council not updated the city’s Internet site because there in no further paving activity planned on the deplorable residential streets of Ridgecrest?

This, even though that is the purpose to which the citizens of Ridgecrest concurred with the increase in the sales tax. Is the city council again pulling a fast one on the citizens of Ridgecrest, acting much like the feds and the state, using earmarked taxes for other than what the citizens agreed?

If there is any paving activity under way, would the city council please update the city Internet site to keep the citizens of Ridgecrest current on public works projects that are planned or are under way?

Those one- and two-year old projects that have been completed we can see and admire for ourselves.

David M. Seibel

Story First Published: 2017-06-30