To the Editor: ‘My well is not proud of GSA’

Mick: In the Daily Independent you are quoted as saying, “We need to be proud of our GSA [groundwater sustainability agency] and the work we’ve gone through.” My well is not proud of “our GSA” and the work that they have gone through to do a job that to date has taken about two years and should have been accomplished in no more than two months.

My current well measurement showed 209.6 feet. This represents a 1-foot drop in 65 days. Annualized, it represents a 5.6-drop per year.

Further, indicating just what urgency the county is applying to the critical, chronic overdrafted aquifer, county counsel said that there was no problem in waiting another month to do some more administrivia.

As yet, I have not seen any dialogue coming out of this group that discusses the only two possible solutions to the problem. I’ll repeat that here since it doesn’t seemed to have penetrated the thought processes of this group. Significantly reduce consumption (Buy out ag). Import water (from where no one knows).

Stuart Fields

Story First Published: 2017-06-23