MatchBack preps for July 1 launch

MatchBack preps for  July 1  launchWith mounting enthusiasm generated through social media and a successful kickstarter campaign, MatchBack is eagerly anticipating the July 1 unveiling of a new marketing video and designs relating to a new local venture.

Ridgecrest native Aaron Podell, a successful entrepreneur since 1999, is on the verge of bringing his latest idea to fruition just months after conception.

“My team has been working very hard and believes in the greater good of this movement,” he said, commenting on the rapid development of the company. “I am never content — I am constantly evolving and seeking to better myself and create a better place for those around me. Once I had the idea for this project, I knew that this would be huge and catch on fast.”

The MatchBack movement fuses together two causes he believes in — fresh and innovative designs and the support of underprivileged youth.

For a monthly subscription, each MatchBaker will be sent a hat-and-shirt bundle that feature exclusive artwork of collaborators. For no extra cost, MatchBack will send that same bundle to an eligible youth.

“Growing up with a speech impediment, having the ‘right’ clothes was a big part of my identity that gave me confidence,” he wrote on the Kickstarter page. “I know the same can be said for most teens. MatchBack’s goal is to promote the self-confidence of disadvantaged youth through these small luxuries that would otherwise be out of reach.”

In just 10 days, he realized his $5,000 goal through Kickstarter. He said he was not surprised, since so many people can relate to this worthy cause.

“The goal for Kickstarter was never about the money. We are operating at a loss, and we will be for the foreseeable future,” said Podell. “The Kickstarter campaign was and is about spreading the word and getting people excited about joining us when we launch on July 1.”

At the launch, MatchBack will roll out its inaugural bundle as well as a professional video marketing the cause.

Podell did not give a target for the number of subscribers he hoped to reach, but said that he will continue to pursue ways to engage new MatchBackers.

“The key for us is to build brand awareness through education — whether it’s through social media, blogs or our new collaborations each month, we are continually building momentum to keep the MatchBack movement going strong.”

In the long-term view, Podell said that he sees MatchBack growing into a local industry that generates jobs and revenue for the city.

“We currently employ more than 15 people and have just hired two full-time employees for,” he said.

Among those new recruits are Cherish Rindt, who helped found Ridgecrest Autism Awareness in 2012 to serve special needs children and their families.

“People are excited – everyone I have spoken to about this thinks it’s a great idea,” said Rindt. “They like the product, so they are excited about receiving their bundles, but I think the fact that this movement benefits others is what makes it so special.”

Rindt said she will be coordinating with the partnering agencies, such as Big Brother, Big Sister, Boys and Girls Club and YMCA, to identify the youth who will benefit from these bundles.

“We are reaching out to programs within the community, but we also have agreements in place with organizations nationwide.”

Scores of MatchBackers have already signed up, but Rindt said she would like to see the company shipping out 10,000 orders a month by July 2018.

“In addition to the organizations I named, we are also working to find out how to partner with agencies that serve military families.”

“I see this as just the start of something incredible,” said Podell. “My goal is to keep expanding and keep hiring locally!”

For more information visit or find “MatchBack” on Facebook.

Pictured: SquarePrint proprietor and MatchBack founder Aaron Podell sports the “Look Good. Feel Good. Do Good.”?design promoting his latest endeavor. -- Courtesy photo

Story First Published: 2017-06-23