Kerr McGee Center transforms into indoor playground for summer

On the Hunt for Summer Fun! Part 2 in a series

Kerr McGee Center transforms  into indoor playground for summerBy TIMMY NEIPP II

News Review Correspondent

The desert heat is picking up, and parents are scooting their kids into the Kerr-McGee Center to play in their summer playground while keeping out of the sun.

Councilwoman Lindsey Stephens came up with the idea before she took her position in our city’s government.

“When I used to live in Kansas, community centers had these when it would be too cold to go outside and play. It’s too hot during the summertime here, so I thought it would work out perfectly,” said Stephens.

Stephens is hoping that the playground will encourage families to participate in other programs hosted by the city’s Parks and Recreation Department. “The idea is that if you’re here, and then you can see some of the other programs that are happening, it’ll get you to sign up for some of the other activities,” said Stephens.

An added bonus to the project was that it required few funds to make it a reality. “I knew we had the space, and we only spent $700 about on all of this, and some of it is stuff they already had.”

Parks and Recreation director Jason Patin has high confidence in the program. “Things are going great so far,” he said.

The playground has many watchful eyes to make sure that all the kids are safe. “Parents are going to be supervising, but our staff will also help do monitoring too,” said Patin.

He added that the city is not looking to make a profit on its recreational offerings, but his staff strives to collect enough revenue to cover the costs of services and overhead.

The indoor playground is open Tuesday through Thursday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., and is open to children ages 0 to 7. Parent supervision is required. Cost is $1 per child.

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Pictured: Mothers and young children show up to the newly established indoor playground at the Kerr McGee Center. -- Photo by Laura Austin

Story First Published: 2017-06-16