Cerro Coso honorees

CERRO COSO COMMUNITY COLLEGE — The Student Government of Cerro Coso Community College held its spring awards ceremony recently in recognition of the outstanding accomplishments of students, faculty and staff.

“The event is a time-honored tradition to celebrate and bid adieu to graduating students,” said a spokesperson.

Awards presented include:

• President’s Outstanding Academic Achievement — Scott Benedettini, Devyn Durham, Benjamin Miller, Carol Blair, Denise Ellison, Ashley Nielson, David Blair, Chance English, Ryan Richard, Jonathan Blair, Aubrey Farrar, Leta Robinson, Heather Borden, Daniella Fish, Michael Rouse, Britney Brown, Fiona Fuller, Robert Shaw, Lisa Burt, Angelica Gabaldon, Alexxa Varela, Leslie Carter, Danielle Hensel, Kayla Voigt, Bailey Crocoll, Jessica Hiatt, Bailey Voss, Jenna Daugherty, Kelsey Hire, Eric Warda, Josh Dibble, Anita Keller, Leeanne Zajicek, Vitalii Dubytskyi and Kaitlin McGee

• Phi Theta Kappa All-California Academic Team — Alejandro Tellez-Cruz and Theodore Valdez

• Honors Transfer Council of California Exemplary Achievement — Enrique Carrillo-Sulub and Kelsey Hire

• CCCC Foundation Athletic-Academic — Troy Hughes, Men’s Baseball

• Departmental — Alfie Mullins, Allied Health; Angelica Gabaldon, Business and Information Technology; Jenna Daugherty, English and Foreign Languages; Joseph Kumm, Industrial Arts; Shantaal Hernandez, Kinesiology; Tina Koivu, Mathematics; Caitlin Peterson, Science; Kelsey Hire, Social Science; and Kai Kelley, Visual and Performing Arts.

• Site Student of the Year — Devyn Durham, Eastern Sierra College Center; Eric Warda, East Kern Tehachapi Campus; and Anthony McFarland, Kern River Valley Campus.

• CCCC Excellence in Education — Rebecca Pang and Justin Witt

• Teaching Excellence — Clifford Davis, Full-Time Faculty; Deborah Lessany-Abdi, Adjunct Faculty; and Thomas Foggia, Online Faculty.

• Staff: Jessica Kawelmacher, Admissions and Records Tech. I – Classified Staff of the Year. Deborah Gregory

Story First Published: 2017-06-02