To the Editor: Expresses groundwater concerns

Well, it continues. There are only two possible solutions to the failing IWV aquifer. I say “failing” because we continue to pump about 3 times more water out than is coming in. There is an expansion of an existing Pistachio orchard that I can see progressing.

In the mean time, I receive an agenda for a purported Ground Water “Management” organization that has members that have been involved in “monitoring” the problem in excess of 20 years. Nowhere in the present or any other earlier agenda can I find any discussion of implementing either of the two possible solutions.

The “Hot Topic” seems to be a paragraph in the by laws controlling the organization that is apparently intending to “monitor” the problem for another 20 years. They may be resting on their laurels for having gotten “paragraph 5 of the by-laws” approved.

I checked the water level in my well and apparently it has ignored the Ground Water Management’s recent success.

On top of this the Ridgecrest city government continues it’s gross Hypocrisy of telling citizens to save water while the city continues to arrogantly operate a fountain 24/7. BTW I’ve tried to find just who benefits from this fountain and to date have not found any answers. In fact, the city continues to try and bring more new business into the area which will increase the load on an already overloaded aquifer.

I’m ok with luring more business into the area as long as we solve the overdrafted aquifer first. Or maybe if they bring with them whatever water they are going to use.

Stuart Fields

Story First Published: 2017-05-26