Adm. Grosklags stresses urgency

NAVAIR commander sees facilities, speaks with China Lakers

Adm. Grosklags stresses urgency 	NAVAL AIR WARFARE CENTER WEAPONS DIVISION — An April 24-26 visit to the Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division gave Vice Adm. Paul Grosklags, commander of the Naval Air Systems Command, an opportunity to give a talk during the 46th Annual Collaborative Electronic Warfare Symposium at Point Mugu, visit unique facilities at China Lake and address the workforce through an all-hands discussion.

Grosklags spoke of Chief of Naval Operations John Richard-son’s push for a sense of urgency within the Navy and the need to realize increasing competition.

“We, as the United States Navy and Marine Corps, have not had a near-peer competitor for the last 25 years,” Grosklags said.

“It is incumbent upon every single one of us to apply critical thinking to our processes, procedures and the way we do business.

“We’re not in the same game anymore; the dynamic has changed.

“Ask yourself, ‘Is this this best way I can do this?’ and ‘Is what I’m doing going to make our sailors and Marines more lethal?’

“The fleet absolutely needs you all to be advocates for this.”

Story First Published: 2017-05-05