Zimmer announces bid for DA

Rebecca Neipp

News Review Staff Writer

Zimmer announces bid for DANearly a year before the official opening of the filing period for candidacy, the race for Kern County District Attorney is already shaping up with Cynthia Zimmer, supervising deputy district attorney in charge of gang-related criminal prosecution, announcing her campaign in a Tuesday press conference in Bakersfield.

Current District Attorney Lisa Green has already indicated that she will not pursue reelection. However, with the confluence of state initiatives that have declassified felony offenses, watered-down sentencing guidelines, released convicted criminals en masse and now the proposal to eliminate the bail bond system — coupled with devastating budget cuts across safety and justice deparments — officials tasked with public safety are predicting continuing challenges on the horizon and underscoring the importance of collaboration between law enforcement and criminal justice.

“Law enforcement said, ‘We need you,’ and Cindy Zimmer is going to be there for them,” said former Kern County Sheriff Carl Sparks, who introduced Zimmer.

In addition to Sparks, Zimmer has been endorsed by the Kern Law Enforcement Association, Bakersfield Police Department, Ridgecrest Police Department and other public safety associations.

“Cindy is totally dedicated to the job,” said Sparks. “She likes to get justice for the victims. I can’t think of a better person to be the next D.A. than Cindy Zimmer.”

Zimmer has been with the Kern County District Attorney’s Office for 32 years and has served in her present capacity for the last decade, successfully prosecuting numerous high-profile offenders.

“I will work to stop the suffering of the innocent brought on by violence and to minimize the crushing toll crime takes on our families and communities,” said Zimmer. “My goal is to ensure that crime does not pay in Kern County and that those who would commit a crime know well that Kern County is the wrong place to do so.”

According to Kern County Elections officials, the nomination period for the office runs 113 to 88 days prior to election, scheduled for June 5, 2018. Although no one has pulled papers yet, Assistant District Attorney Scott Speilman also announced his candidacy during a Feb. 21 interview on the Richard Beene Show in Bakersfield.

Pictured: Cynthia Zimmer with former Kern County Sheriff Carl Sparks (center) and other supporters. -- Photo by Laura Austin

Story First Published: 2017-04-28