Guest Editorial: Showcasing the best of Ridgecrest and the IWV

Guest Editorial: Showcasing the best of  Ridgecrest and the IWVBy VINCE FONG, 34th Assembly District-Republican Whip

This past week we celebrated California Aviation and Aerospace Week. And we should look no farther than our own backyard to celebrate the rich history we have in flight while also recognize the exciting developments that are coming in the future.

China Lake was recently featured on “60 Minutes” for its cutting-edge work in drone technology. And after two decades, the Blue Angels returned to the Indian Wells Valley.

We witnessed more than 50,000 spectators from across Kern County and California to see an exhilarating air show that inspired the next generation of aviators who will take to the sky.

To see Blue Angels pilots and their support team interact with our community, especially our youth, is something I will always remember. In addition to the tens of thousands that traveled to the IWV, it was also a chance to invite a few of my colleagues from our newly created bipartisan Military Installation Caucus in the state legislature to come to Ridgecrest and experience China Lake first hand. No doubt each of them left impressed, wanting to come back for another visit.

A week later I returned to China Lake and joined Rep. Kevin McCarthy, House Armed Services Committee Chairman William McClellan “Mac” Thornberry and Supervisor Mick Gleason to again highlight the work the talented men and women at China Lake do to defend our nation. We witnessed groundbreaking technology that is necessary to ensure that our military successfully accomplishes its mission.

I cannot thank McCarthy enough for continuing to bring important decisionmakers to China Lake to show the vital role it plays in our national security efforts. Ridgecrest has no better champion on the national level than our House majority leader. Working together, we could not be more excited with the technological advancements that are being developed in Kern County.

The Ridgecrest community embodies the greatness of our country with its patriotism and commitment to our military, and we will never stop touting the achievements and milestones of our community.

All of the recent national coverage and support are reflections of the dedication and leadership from our community members. As China Lake continues to develop and test the latest cutting-edge technologies, I know Ridgecrest will continue to impress.

I hope you take a moment to join me in celebrating your hard work and the well-deserved recognition.

Story First Published: 2017-04-07