IWVGA is now the only GSA

INDIAN WELLS VALLEY GROUNDWATER AUTHORITY — The Indian Wells Valley Groundwater Authority has met the 90-day notice period required by the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act to become the exclusive Groundwater Sustainability Agency for the IWV basin.

The last day to file a competing GSA application with the California State Department of Water Resources was April 4, 2017. No competing GSA applications have been received by DWR. The IWVGA originally filed with DWR to be a GSA on Jan. 4, 2017.

SGMA established a new structure for managing California’s groundwater resources at a local level by local agencies. SGMA requires, by June 30, 2017, the formation of locally controlled GSAs in the State’s high and medium-priority groundwater basins and subbasins. A GSA is responsible for developing and implementing a groundwater sustainability plan to meet the sustainability goal of the basin to ensure that it is operated within its sustainable yield, without causing undesirable results.

The IWVGA is comprised of the City of Ridgecrest, County of Inyo, County of San Bernardino, County of Kern, and the Indian Wells Valley Water District. These five agencies are functioning as a unified government agency called a Joint Powers Authority (JPA), which combines the powers of all the agencies to accomplish the goal of bringing the Indian Wells Valley Groundwater Basin into sustainability.

Up-to-date status of GSA formation will be published at sgma.water.ca.gov/portal/gsa/all. For details about IWVGA visit co.kern.ca.us/waterresources.aspx. For more information contact Alan Christensen, IWVGA General Manager, at 661-868-3183 or achristensen@co.kern.ca.us

Story First Published: 2017-04-07