To the Editor: Commends air show

From 1972 through 1988, I was responsible for the yearly airshows, which featured the Blue Angels who flew here at least every other year (twice we had them back to back). Doing it that often made the preparation much easier than the challenges facing the NAWS crew that arranged this one when it had been many, many years since such an event.

Without the benefit of corporate memory and experience, which means every single aspect from airshow organization, Public Works, Security, Public Relations and the myriad details that the general public will not be aware of, this year’s show appeared flawless.

From when I arrived at the main gate through exiting four hours later, I applaud the organization and execution of this tremendous and important public event.

I can assure the entire NAWS team that it has never been done better!

I think it is still true that the highest praise one can receive in the Navy is a traditional “Well Done,” and each one of you has earned it!

Denny Kline

Story First Published: 2017-03-24