Fong seeks accountability, balance in air regulation

SACRAMENTO —Assemblyman Vince Fong introduced legislation to bring more balance and accountability in the implementation of California’s major environmental policy, SB 32. AB 1301 will require the California Air Resources Board to consider the economic costs and real world consequences of regulations intended to meet the 40 percent reduction target of greenhouse gas emissions by 2030.

“The Legislature has an obligation to ensure regulations are responsible and balanced,” said Fong. “The increasing cost of daily necessities, such as food, energy, and transportation is a real concern for many Californians. We have a duty, as legislators, to provide real oversight to state agencies and not merely serve as a rubber stamp to their actions.”

The Legislature has given CARB wide discretion to achieve the mandated 2030 emission reduction goal. Through SB 32 and AB 197, last legislative session, the legislature created the Joint Legislative Committee on Climate Change Policies to provide more oversight of policies aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions. However, the measure did not include any requirements for CARB to prepare fundamental economic impact assessments necessary to accurately assess the impacts of regulations on families and businesses.

AB 1301 will address these concerns by directing JLCCCP and CARB to evaluate the actions that other states and countries are taking to reduce emissions and consider the technological feasibility and economic accountability of proposed regulations.

AB 1301 will be assigned to a policy committee in the coming weeks.

Fong Represents the 34th District, which includes the Indian Wells Valley.

Story First Published: 2017-03-17