Kernville reports on tree mortality

KERNVILLE — This year in conjunction with the large list of recreational, road and facility repairs that take place during the winter months, the Kern River Ranger District has been focusing on their hazardous fuel reduction/tree mortality projects.

These projects fall under the Breckenridge Plantation Thinning Project, the Breckenridge Forest Health and Fuels Reduction and Tree Mortality Response plans. The ultimate goal of these projects is to improve public safety.

Burn pile locations include Havilah, Democrat, and the Breckenridge area, (including the campground, and roads into Munzer and Golf Meadows), Blackrock Station/Kern Plateau (including Troy Meadow campground), Greenhorn Summit and Fulton Stations, (including Alder Creek campground) and various campgrounds along the Upper Kern River. To date, 623 piles have been burned.

“Current conditions are permitting us to meet district management goals, while having minimum impact to communities,” said Bryan Hellett, Kern River Ranger District fuels officer.

Prescribed burn efforts will continue throughout the remainder of the winter when weather conditions and available resources permit. Smoke has, and may continue to be visible from several communities in and around Isabella Lake.

Fire managers work closely with the Eastern Kern and San Joaquin County Air Pollution Control Districts to manage smoke production and reduce any local impacts.

For information, contact Hellett at 760-376-3781, ext. 656.

Story First Published: 2017-03-17