To the Editor: Asks district about other schools

I have a question I think the community should be asking the Sierra Sands School Board and the upper adminstrators of the school district.

Articles dealing with the new Murray Middle School project and the upgrades being made to Burroughs High School have often been in the local newspapers.

This is very exciting for those students and staffs. My question is, what is going to be done to upgrade James Monroe Middle School? It has more than 500 pupils whose needs are not being addressed. You are going to have a brand-new Murray Middle School built in 2017, and James Monroe Middle School was built in 1950. Are the two facilities even close to being equal? What plans are there for upgrading Monroe? Just because Monroe is in the older part of town, don’t those students and staff deserve equal facilities and opportunities that are being given to the other secondary students within the district?

I taught at Monroe and I have volunteered there since 2004. The students and staff at Monroe do wonderful thing and have a right to a equal learning environment.

Don’t forget Monroe or Mesquite!

Linda Rolfs

Story First Published: 2017-03-10