To the Editor: Thanks post office

In 2008 I wrote a letter to the editor to commend our local post Ooffice for its excellent service and great staff. I have frequented post offices all over the country and none compare to our Ridgecrest Post Office. The staff not only is very experienced and friendly, but also always goes above and beyond what is required for good service.

Now, eight years later, most of the visible employees are still working there. Even though we have a really busy post office, and the employees get very little catch-your-breath time, they still maintain that great attitude. Their smiles make my day.

Good service with a cheerful attitude is the backbone of any business whether privately owned or government.

I would like to thank Diana, Rich, Jackie, Cindy, Sue, Yolanda, Shelli, Frank, Shannon and Cindy B. These are the names of the employees I know by name, but there are many, many more employees doing a terrific job behind the scenes and in the streets.

I would also like to acknowledge my personal postal carrier, Teresa, who is so friendly and punctual that I can set my watch by her delivery time. Also thank you to the postmaster.

Suzanne Seibel

Story First Published: 2017-03-10