Record-breaking rain this weekend?

Record-breaking rain this weekend?Huge raindrops, and even hail, shower the Indian Wells Valley during last week’s storm. But that’s nothing compared to what could be in store for us this weekend, according to China Lake Weather Officer Tamera Walters. “We are shaping up to see the kind of record-breaking weather patterns we had in 1969,” she said. “We didn’t really get close to that in January, but it’s going to be close for February.” She cited forecast models that show storms beginning at press time Thursday night, and continuing through Saturday. She said the storm is expected to whittle down to showers which will continue through Monday or Tuesday. “I’ve seen times where it looks like, ‘Here it comes!’ only to have the heavy rain go around us. But I think this time we have a really positive chance of seeing an inch, maybe even two, this weekend.” She said that residents should stay alert for flood-prone areas of town. -- Photo by Laura Austin

Story First Published: 2017-02-17