To the Editor: Open letter to Rep. McCarthy

You surely must understand that the history of the next four years will be written by the children of marginalized women, mistreated immigrants, and maligned dissenters. Those who are affected today by this administration’s unpopular, undemocratic, and just plain unkind policies will document tomorrow your place in this chapter of our history.

Will it be that child with a mother who is kept alive because of the humane benefits of the Affordable Care Act, the immigrant who lives in fear of being asked, “Papers, please,” the two working parents who hope to put food on the table for their four children with the help of a government-mandated living wage or the girl who grows up questioning whether she’ll receive equal pay for equal work? Will any of them record your place in this history favorably? Will you be remembered as demonstrating courage in the face of the uncompromising ideologues in your party?

I recognize that the leader of the free world refers to you by your first name, and I will never understand the awesome satisfaction that such affirmation must provide. But, as majority leader, you are in a unique position of power to speak up when others of your party lie prone at the feet of this president. I appreciate the great political risk, as well as the potential for recrimination, from the petulance and sycophancy just a few blocks up Pennsylvania Avenue from your office. But history is never kind to the cowering, the silent or the complicit.

I enclose my copy of “Profiles in Courage,” written by President Kennedy when he was a first-term senator. It was the result of his research into what it meant to be a courageous public servant. I’m certain that somebody, perhaps one of the people described above, will someday write this book again. Will you be in it?

Respectfully your constituent,

L. Scott Garver

Story First Published: 2017-02-17