To the Editor: Property rights destroyed

Individual property rights in Ridgecrest are now destroyed and anyone with a court excuse can take over your property. That’s right, forget the supposed rights set out in the California Constitution in Article 1. Forget what you thought were your God-given rights to be safe in your property, to only have it taken through a trial by a jury of your peers.

Forget supposed “due process”. All that has been thrown out the window and we are all serfs of the State. Sound extreme and like a bunch of hyperbole. Allow me to show you proof.

Mr. Dale Howard now has his home up for sale, against his will. A third party who took possession of his home through a “foreclosure sale” is now having it listed for sale with a local realtor.

Mr. Howard and his wife want desperately to stay in their home of 45 years, but the city Police Dept over the last three years arranged through unconstitutional court actions the following: multiple court appearances at costs that bankrupted Mr. Howard, denial of a trial by jury in court and placement of properties into “receivership,” unnecessary actions by the Receiver that placed more cost directly upon Mr. Howard, a loan against the properties taken out by this Receiver — not Mr. Howard — to pay costs, finally a “foreclosure sale” against Mr. Howard’s home to pay this loan off.

Now Mr. Howard awaits being evicted from his home once a sale is completed, and he had nothing to do with the original loan that the foreclosure sale was based on. In short, his property was clearly not his in the eyes of the court or none of this would have ever happened. The city caused the court, through their hired henchman law firm, to deny proper due process to Mr. Howard and he is soon to be homeless because of it.

All this because of some bogus “Health and Safety” code violation. Who’s health and safety was at risk because of this home? Were you? Were any of his neighbors? Anybody? Of course not. This was just the unlawful means used to have action taken through a hearing before a judge and avoid a jury trial.

Mr. Howard was declared innocent in the one jury trial allowed him over this, but the city PD wanted to make sure vengeance was exacted, thus the parallel civil case with these other bogus charges. Now the ax is set to fall and the precedent destroying property rights in our city will be set.

So there you are, fellow citizen. Feel safe and secure in your person and property now? Feel like you live in the land of the Free? If you do, it would only be through willful denial. But it doesn’t change reality. When our city Police Dept can cause such an unlawful action to be taken against one of us, none of us are safe. Make no mistake, if you offend by standing up for your rights, you may well be targeted. As of now, you wouldn’t be the first.

A large part of the reason is that so few citizens defended Mr. Howard. Now we are all the more vulnerable. May God give us strength to fight a now harder battle.

Freedom to the People,

Mike Neel

Story First Published: 2017-02-17