Grace A. Niles

Grace A. NilesGrace Adelaide Niles was born in San Diego on May 23, 1922, and spent nearly 95 years among us before her departure Feb. 3, 2017, in Ridgecrest.

Married to William Murphy for 46 years, she was a devoted wife and mother throughout her life. She was predeceased by William and daughter Carolyn Hink. Daughter Colleen Murphy remains in Ridgecrest. Both grandparents were second parents to beloved grandsons Brett and Gavin throughout their youth.

Due to Grace’s uncertain home life during the Great Depression, it was her most heartfelt desire to provide a strong sense of home and family for her daughters. In an effort to remain in the home, she took in ironing at $1.25 an hour to help supplement the monthly budget. She was there when the girls left for school in the morning and there when they returned in the afternoon. She liked to joke that if her daughters got into trouble, at least she would know who was to blame!

Grace was a devoted “student” throughout her life. Her love of others, nature and all animals were driving factors in the longevity she attained. No day was ever boring to her. She made her own happiness, stayed engaged in world affairs and took an active role in animal rights issues. Rare was the month she couldn’t find a way to send a contribution to a favorite cause for those who didn’t have a voice.

Her search for spiritual understanding led Grace to explore many organized religions throughout her life. In the end, she relied on her understanding of everything she had gleaned over time from sermons and her readings. Her journals reveal her deep relationship with God and her complete confidence and trust in Him.

A celebration of Grace’s life will be held Saturday, Feb. 18, at the Santiago Estates Clubhouse, 801 W. Ward Ave., at 1 p.m. While many friends have gone on before her, if you knew her, if she touched your life in some way, please stop by and share your memories with us.

— Submitted by the family of Grace Niles

Story First Published: 2017-02-17