To the Editor: Calls on Holloway to apologize

In a recent letter to the editor, our Mayor Pro Tem “Chip” Holloway used a slighting term to refer very ambiguously to people he clearly was unhappy with. This is an excerpt from his letter on July 15: “... us who appreciate all you do far outnumber the simpletons who grumble.” Of course, this “grumbling” is defined in his own mind. And the “us” he refers to? Who knows who this would be except himself, along with some superior class of people in Ridgecrest.

Consider the use of the word “simpleton” to refer to people our mayor pro tem disagrees with. Is this the kind of language and attitude we want in people who are leading our city? Is this what those of you who voted to put Mr. Holloway in office expected of him? It most certainly is not the behavior our citizens have expected from our leaders in the past. Have we digressed somehow? Or is it just the effect of being too long in office that encourages people to become dismissive of others like this?

I call upon Mr. Holloway to apologize to those he intended to refer to as “simpletons” and to the public for attacking persons in this manner. The attack was made in public, so the apology needs to be made in public. In case this apology never appears, I ask the citizens of Ridgecrest to remember this on the day you go to the polls in November and see Mr. Holloway’s name there as a city council candidate.

If being a city councilman for 16 years encourages this type of speech, it might well be time for someone else to have that position. Consider well, Mr. Holloway. Consider well, citizens of Ridgecrest.

Mike Neel

Story First Published: 2014-08-06