To the Editor: Positive things still happen

It isn’t often that we mention the positive things that happen to us in our daily lives. I recently had the experience of interacting with honest people while enjoying a delicious chicken tostada at the Casa Corona.

On Wednesday evening, July 23, I paid my bill with cash and put my wallet and purse away until late afternoon Thursday.

As I was paying for a prescription the next day, I realized that I had only a little more than a dollar left in my wallet. I was pretty sure that I had had about $70 in my wallet when I went to dinner at Casa Corona. I realized that if I lost the money, it would have been at the restaurant. I called the restaurant on a long shot and asked if anyone had turned in $60 that I lost. To my surprise and good fortune, the money had been turned in to the manager. He told me that my money was there for me to pick up.

I wanted to let the community know about this because it seems that we read and hear about lots of negative things that happen. It is nice to know that Casa Corona has honest employees, serves good food, practices excellent customer service and is a great restaurant in our community.

Eva Bien

Story First Published: 2014-08-06