Salter faces sentencing

Jeremy Dale Salter, 39, who was found guilty of first-degree murder on May 14, filed a motion for a new trial on June 5. This motion was denied by the Kern County Superior Court in Bakersfield on June 11. Salter had represented himself during his tria, which was marked by repeated delays and rescheduled six times before being concluded.

According to Deputy District Attorney David Wilson, who prosecuted the case, anyone choosing to represent himself or herself in a court of law is warned by court personnel that he or she will be held to the same standards as a trained legal representative and that if he or she loses the case, there is no right to have it retried on the basis of ineffective counsel.

“On June 11, the court heard his motion for a new trial,” said Wilson. “It was denied. Mr. Salter’s family was there, and some of them had come from Oregon. He asked to have an attorney appointed that morning. The court felt he was entitled to an attorney, and one has been appointed for him, as of Friday.

“The case can’t be relitigated, even with a new attorney, so those issues are done. He is due in court on June 24 for sentencing, and the case should go forward on that day.”

Salter was convicted of the murder of John Harley Evans of Inyokern. Evans had been reported missing April 6, 2011, with Salter’s arrest on April 8, 2011. Evans’ remains were found April 28, 2011, and had to be identified through dental records.

Salter continues to be held in custody in lieu of $1-million bail.

Story First Published: 2014-06-18