Carriage Inn has become Clarion Inn

According to Manager Uli Parvini, the Carriage Inn has been sold to Choice Hotels, an international group, which is in the process of renovating some of the rooms. Meanwhile, the inn is open for business, as are both restaurants in the inn.

The hotel is reported to have originally boasted 160 rooms, but 80 were closed some time back. Those closed rooms are being renovated so they can be reopened. “The new rooms are very pretty, very different from the old ones,” said Parvini.

“We’ve kept the same staff. We’ve added some additional staff, but most have been working here a long time,” said Parvini. “We’re working very hard to get everything up to our standards.”

For more information, see The phone number is 760-446-7910.

Story First Published: 2014-04-30