RMES ‘Joseph, Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat’ auditions April 24, 25, 26

Call it what you will—“heartwarming pop oratorio,” “delightful follow-up to Jesus Christ Superstar,” “one of the most popular family musicals of all time”—the beloved“Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat” is coming to Ridgecrest.

The Ridgecrest Musical Enrichment Society invites local singers and actors to come to auditions this month.

The landmark musical’s universal themes and family-friendly story line resonate with RMES’s emphasis on quality family entertainment and financial support for local school programs.

“It’s a match made in heaven!” said acting RMES President Ryan Loewen.

“Joseph” is a musical written by renowned composer Andrew Lloyd Webber and esteemed lyricist Tim Rice. The production is based on the Biblical story of Joseph, found in the book of Genesis.

The musical follows the life of a dreamer who is sold into slavery as a young man by his brothers to only later become the most powerful man in all of Egypt. While recapping the Old Testament tale of Joseph, his 11 brothers and the coat of many colors, this theater piece features a score that blends such diverse elements as Elvis-inspired rock ’n’ roll, 1920s Charleston, country-western, Calypso, disco, and even tender French ballads.

Auditions will be held at 2600 S. China Lake Blvd. Local singers can try out for characters like Narrator (female), Jacob, Pharaoh, Joseph, his fratricidally inclined siblings and their wives, Potiphar, Mrs. Potiphar and assorted Ishmaelites, cellmates, etc. Come to auditions on Thursday, April 24, 5-9 p.m. (adult vocals); Friday, April 25, 2-4 p.m. (kids 7-13), 5-9 p.m., (adult dance); and Saturday April 26, noon-4 p.m. (adult callbacks). For more information visit www.rmesonline.com and click the AUDITIONS tab.

The production will take to the stage in August/September.

Story First Published: 2014-04-16