St. Ann gives Science Fair results

Many imaginative and useful projects conducted

Saint Ann School’s annual Science Fair was held Jan. 14. Below is a list of winners and titles of their projects.

Forth grade winners: First, Annika Houck, “The Importance of Following a Recipe Applied to Making Snow Skis.” Second, Max Pogge, “Art Bot: A Wobbly Friend That Creates Art.” Third, Hannah Ostermann, “So You Want to Make Ice Cream!”

Fifth grade winners: First, Mason Schlichting, “How Well Do Different Fabrics Resist the Wind?” Second, Jamie Johnson “My Phone Got Wet; What Do I Do?” Third, Isabelle Roquemore, “Would You Drink It?”

Sixth grade winners: First, David Maguina, “Rockets Away.” Second, Charles Chaco “Float the Boat.” Third (tie), Caroline Pillers, “Mirror, Mirror on the Wall. Who Will Grow the Most of All?” and Emily Ommen “Stand-Up Jell-O!”

Seventh grade winners: First, Annie Ostrom, “The Effect of Temperature of pH and Neutra-lization.” Second, Paige Silong, “For the Love of Sugar?” Third, Sara Ostermann, “Don’t Slip on the Ice.”

Eighth grade winners: First, Austin Muhle, “Don’t Dip that Chip.” Second, Katherine Heier, “It’s Raining, It’s Pouring.” Third, Jacob Lusher, “Fishing Line Strength Test.”

Story First Published: 2014-01-22