Only in Ridgecrest

To the Editor;

Living in a small town has many advantages that we tend to overlook. I found one last week when, in my rush to help decorate our home for Christmas, I clumsily broke a beautiful vase that Mary Jane had for nearly 40 years. I was heartbroken and she was clearly very disappointed but tolerant.

On Thursday, I stopped by Baxendales with shards of the broken vase and lamented to Danielle and then Lynn about my dilemma. Lynn said it was too bad I didn’t have the base so they would try to match it. I quietly returned home and dove into the garbage can again to retrieve as much of the base as I could.

When I returned, Danielle confidently said, “I’m pretty good on the Internet, I bet I can find it.” Sure, I thought, a vase made in China 40 years ago. Wednesday I got a call! They had it — a perfect replacement.

While I could hardly wait to get home to present it to Mary Jane, I have not forgotten that Lynn and Danielle and the crew at Baxendales are the ones who made it possible. This is just one of the rewards of living in a small town filled with incredible people.

Denny Kline

Story First Published: 2013-12-18