Bobcat visits local ranch

Linda Saholt

News Review Correspondent

Jack Tipton went out to feed his horses a few days ago and heard his dogs barking furiously. The dogs had chased a bobcat up on top of a stack of old pallets Tipton uses as a windbreak.

Jack and his wife, Su, have a ranch at the corner of Bowman and Jack’s Ranch roads. This is not the first time a bobcat has visited their property. Last year, a skinny bobcat kitten showed up briefly. “Don’t know if this year’s bobcat is the same one all grown up,” said Tipton.

He went ahead and fed his horses, while the dogs chased the bobcat to the top of a haystack. Later, he didn’t see the cat and figured it had left.

“The next day, the cat hung around and lay on top of the haystack. Later, I found the remains of a cottontail on the haystack. I didn’t want him living here,” said Tipton. “We have a barn cat and chickens. So I chased him up onto the barn roof.

“Evidently he’s gone now. He was probably 20 inches at the shoulders. He’s a pretty big cat. I figure the drought is bringing them in for the winter.

“My sister saw one in Inyokern recently, and one of her friends found that a bobcat got into her chicken coop and killed all the chickens, then got stuck in the coop. Animal Control caught him and turned him loose up in the mountains — might be the same one.”

What’s his feeling toward these wild four-legged visitors?

“It’s nice to see them come, and it’s nice to see them leave,” said Tipton.

Story First Published: 2013-12-18