Praise for local hospital care

To the Editor:

I never imagined that I would become a Breast Cancer Awareness Month poster girl. I rarely did breast self-exams, and only by chance did I detect a lump in my breast that didn’t belong.

After a mammogram, the radiologist called for an ultrasound — it was a very suspicious lump. Results were sent to my gynecologist who counseled me to get an immediate biopsy. She arranged the visit with my surgeon for a needle biopsy.

This done, tissues went to the pathologist — definitely cancer, and a lumpectomy was scheduled and performed. This all happened in a two- week period!

Our medical care here at the Ridgecrest Regional Hospital compound is fantastic — competent, caring and thorough professionals! I praise God for them.

Do not neglect breast self-exams — women and men. Early detecting is essential to a positive outcome. Be safe!

Glenda Blackshaw

Story First Published: 2013-10-30