RidgeProject thanks supporters

RidgeProject thanks supporters Thank you to everyone who participated in the China Lake Boulevard Cleanup Project on Oct. 5. We are deeply moved by your commitment to help build a better community. More than 200 volunteers gave their time and energy that Saturday morning, and we assure you that future generations of this community will appreciate your efforts and hopefully learn to follow by your example.

The community of Ridgecrest is a place we all call home; it was a choice to buy a house and to live and work here. Therefore, we believe it is our civic duty to invest back into it. Too often we expect others to carry us forward or the government to subsidize our wellbeing. We have to stop. We must adopt a positive attitude, assume accountability and create action.

It is time to hold ourselves to a higher degree of personal accountability and responsibility. Future generations have lost the idea of community involvement, and it is our job as leaders and parents to show them, teach them, mentor them and lead them by example —even if it’s just an hour per month.

RidgeProject sees the potential in Ridgecrest, what the community can be and what the city should look like. We know that it will take all local business owners and their employees, the work force on the base, the Navy, city and state workers, local politicians, everyone who supports the Sierra Sands Unified School District, Ridgecrest nonprofits and organizations and churches to create change.

Thank you again — it’s people like you who make Ridgecrest a great city to live in.

RidgeProject coordinators

Story First Published: 2013-10-23