Fair times offer good times

Giving credit where credit is due is certainly warranted in the case of Mike Leming, Desert Empire Fair CEO, and his staff. The positive feedback from the community this year has been encouraging indeed.

Doing more with less is always a challenge, but when your leadership has the good of the community at heart it pays off in rich dividends.

In the last few years, the state of California has drastically cut support to fairs through the California Department of Fairs and Expositions, leaving community events to find alternate ways of continuing these cultural events. Our local fair went from receiving amounts exceeding more than $200,000 annually to receiving only a small fraction of that — and some years receiving none.

Some complimentary reports of the fair cited an overall increase in the general community enthusiasm. Reportedly, the appearance of the fairgrounds was greatly improved, the food and ride choices more plentiful, the vendors more courteous, and the midway provided a grander entrance into the festivities. All of this mde for a positive family experience. The rodeo and other events received high praise from the community and helped drive up attendance. The stadium was packed for the weekend events.

Fair time is a longtime tradition in this community. It is a place and time where old friends and acquaintances eat, meet and visit.

Speaking of traditions, sometimes it’s the little things. I heard repeatedly from several people, “I come every year for the Knight burger and the corn on the cob.” I have to say that I fall into that category as well. I always attend with a member or two of my family, lined up at the Knights of Columbus and Lions Club booths that are among the local community services that open food booths for the event. I will be looking forward to it again next fair time. Like I said, sometimes traditions are small things that provide special memories that are lasting.

Thanks again, Mike, for your hard work and your commitment! This annual event is part of the fabric that knits us together and gives a greater sense of community.

— Pat Farris

News Review publisher

Story First Published: 2013-10-23