Believes property rights gone

To the Editor:

Citizens of Ridgecrest now have no property rights. Your Constitutional right to property is gone! On Sep 25, 2013, the city of Ridgecrest received ruling in Case # S-1500-CV-277696 putting a longtime Ridgecrest citizen’s properties (Mr. Dale Howard) in receivership. Why? Chief Ron Strand stated in an article that the presence of birds and placement of sea vans on the property were two reasons for this action. The suit claims that Mr. Howard failed to comply with building codes, that this threatens the health and safety of the public and that he commits noise violations. Really! The City lost its recent bird noise violation case. And are sea vans on level ground unstable? These claims, along with exaggerated/false statements in the city’s court documents (that I have read) have supported this tyrannous action.

Mr. Howard’s reactions to this ruling: “I can’t believe that someone can say, ‘We think the containers are ugly’ and put in an affidavit, and I don’t even get a chance to cross examine them.

“It’s really shocking that I have never been afforded a hearing based on the merits of the case, and yet they are successfully taking away the properties and destroying me. If this decision stands, no one in Kern County has any rights at all.”

Mr. Howard is absolutely right. The dangers to our rights in this action are serious. No free country can long endure when God-given rights to life, liberty and control of our property are destroyed. Yet the city has found a kangaroo court willing to grant their desires and take Mr. Howard’s property without benefit of a trial by his peers. Our property rights in this town are now history. Our blood-bought liberties are being cast aside like trash. Your property is now subject to the pleasures of the city. Offend them and lose your property. If you applaud this, remember that when you throw liberty away for gain, satisfaction or a sense of well being, you trade gold for dung.

The following persons have either supported this ruling or caused its pronouncement (per court records): Capt Paul Wheeler, Chief Ron Strand, city of Ridgecrest, Ridgecrest City Council, the supposed law firm of Jones & Mayer, Kern County District Attorney and Kern Superior Court.

I defy any government that transgresses the citizens’ God-given rights. Only tyrants take property from citizens outside of a trial by jury. This ruling is oppressive and tyrannical, and those responsible should be held to account. All citizens with any freedom left in their souls should loudly condemn this action. The next actions needed in this town are recall the City Council, elect true patriots, then remove all persons responsible for this offense to our freedoms from their jobs. Do we have enough citizens dedicated to original American Constitutional government to do this in Ridgecrest? We shall see.

Freedom above all else. Let the lovers of comfort and security console themselves in those bags of air, for their freedoms are now gone. Freedom-period. Mike Neel

Story First Published: 2013-10-16