It’s America’s Titanic

To the Editor;

We as a nation are in the process of sinking, and there is no rescue ship on the horizon. We are saddled with a Congress of which both sides are self-centered, and are dealing wit a president who has no idea how to lead. We will soon be financially destroyed because we all know that the liberal side of our government thrives upon the trillions of taxpayers’ dollars given out in free handouts, and those on the receiving end of these handouts will never vote conservative.

What do you thin the average person who is on welfare would do if the president offered to get the able-bodied a government (or city) job paying minimum wage and also give them $150 per month for transportation? That does not take much brain matter to figure out.

My family was poor (the “real poor”) during WWII. My stepfather had been killed in the Anzio landing. We lived in a one-room shack in Alabama, with a coldwater faucet and an outhouse. I never heard my mother complain, and going barefoot was no big deal to a kid. If the so-called poor of today were living like that, there would be national riots. My mother did not get food stamps; in fact we had stamps that only allowed us to get a small amount of sugar and other items needed in the war effort. If my mother heard even a whisper of the word “poor” come from my lips, I would have gotten a whipping. You see, she had pride.

How does the world look at us? We have the weakest president in recent history as far as military strength and response. The radical Muslim world probably thinks we are on their side. Have you asked an active-duty serviceman what he things? I have. We surely must have the record for cover-ups and misuse of government offices such as the IRS. Not much to be proud of, huh? It will all come to a head soon enough and we truly deserve it.

Tom Dunn

Story First Published: 2013-10-16