Jet noise increases

CHINA LAKE — Starting Monday, Sept. 9, and continuing until further notice, residents living in the north end of Ridgecrest and Inyokern are hearing increased jet noise from Armitage Airfield.

That louder noise results from aircraft using Runway 8/26, which faces east and west, while the intersection of the other two runways, which primarily run north and south, undergoes repair, in effect shutting down both runways.

According to the Air Operations Officer, the switch to Runway 8/26 has been gradual, but by today, Sept. 11, all aircraft are using it, thus increasing the noise level, as the jet engine blasts are parallel to the community instead of facing away from it.

Naval Air Weapons Station Commanding Officer Captain Dennis Lazar said he apologizes for any inconvenience and promises work will be done as quickly as possible, but notes that, because of the poor condition not only of the intersection but also of the runways themselves, repairs may take through December to complete in a worst-case scenario.

Questions or concerns may be addressed to the NAWS Public Affairs Office at 760-939-1683.

Story First Published: 2013-09-11