Objects to double standard

To the Editor:

I want to state my strong objection to Councilman Holloway being allowed to castigate citizens of Ridgecrest with the use of the terms “terrorists” and “geniuses” on Aug. 7 during Council Comment. Quite a safe venue to slander people from, as no one has the opportunity to respond unless they want to do it at the next meeting or in letters to the editors.

So, does having a safe whipping post position make it allright for councilmen to slander citizens now? Where was the strong objection that was stated by Mr. Clark and Mr. Patin when the term “geniuses” was used from the podium in reference to councilmen? Why did not one single councilman stand up for the rights of the citizens to be responded to respectfully? Why does it continue to appear that a double standard is held to in council meetings? It appears quite clear that it is allright for councilmen to slander citizens, but the council demands respect from those lowly persons for themselves.

This council does not have my respect when such double standards are adhered to. This council has failed to take the high road of honor. This council would do well to hold to a much higher standard than this. I pray that these councimenl can correct their attitude in these kinds of circumstances. If not, there should be no expectation of due respect from the cit”"terrorists” and “geniuses” that this council is willing to allow to be slandered in this fashion.

Freedom to the people of Ridgecrest,

Mike Neel

Story First Published: 2013-08-28