‘And the band played on’

To the Editor:

I would suggest that by now Mr. Ponek is realizing that fate sometimes deals “good hands!” From those who know him I hear that he is a very capable young man.

Surely he realized that Ridgecrest could no longer afford him at that salary level and started to look elsewhere months ago! A smart move because there should be more staff adjustments in the near future. No one ran him off! And the next “smoky” act was the metamorphosis (you get the picture) of a former councilman into a natural born Parks and Recreation Director.

Could the next “gig” be “Saturday Night Live”? To ask people to believe that this was a natural happening is beyond the pale. Like a genie from the bottle! However, there is not enough smoke to cover this switch! Just as described by others, this move was wrong no matter how it transpired!

“And the Band Played On”!

P J “Phillip” Smith

Story First Published: 2013-08-28