Open Studio Tour: Paula Caudill

Linda Saholt

News Review Correspondent

Open Studio Tour: Paula Caudill For this year’s Open Studio Tour, Paula Caudill not only will show off her studio and her own work, but also will have three other artists showing their work there as well, making her studio an efficient stop for anyone taking the tour.

In addition to beautiful functional pottery, such as bowls, Caudill makes ceramic sculptures and jewelry made with beads and hand-formed copper.

“I get several rewards from creating art,” said Caudill. “I love the process of making things with my hands, whether throwing the clay, making sculptures, or even doing jewelry—I love the idea of visualizing it, starting it, and then finishing it.

“I love to see people’s reaction to it—some of my stuff is very tactile. I love to see people handle my art and touch it.”

Some artists attach a very specific meaning to their art, a message to convey. Caudill doesn’t. “I bring my own interpretation to others’ work, so I want people to bring their own interpretation to my work.”

This year, she is finishing up a remodeling job, enclosing an old carport to expand her studio — the culmination of a dream she has been working on for 17 years. It should be all ready for the Open Studio Tour.

She noted that the sculpture in the photo “just happens to match my house if it doesn’t sell.”

Story First Published: 2013-08-14