SSUSD reports on STAR results

Test results from the spring 2013 Standardized Testing and Reporting (STAR) program were released on Aug. 8. This test is one measure of how well students know and understand California content standards in the core areas of English, mathematics, social science, and science at specific grade levels.

The state reports student performance on these tests using five performance levels: Advanced, Proficient, Basic, Below Basic, and Far Below Basic. All students in grades 2-11 are tested, and results are reported in a variety of ways to include gender, ethnicity, primary language, economic status, and special education services. The goal is to have every student performing in the top two performance bands —proficient and advanced.

In reviewing the test data, Superintendent Joanna Rummer said, “Our district results are truly impressive, especially at a time when the district and schools are in the midst of major change. As you know, Sierra Sands is in the process of transitioning from the California State Standards to the Common Core Standards. During this transition, students and staff remain strong in their commitment to high student achievement as demonstrated by our recent results.”

Data released by the California Department of Education indicate that Sierra Sands students outperform both the county and state in overall performance in all core areas: English language arts, mathematics, social science and science.

Results from spring assessments indicate that 60.9 percent of Sierra Sands students are proficient or advanced in English language arts as compared to 46.8 percent of county students and 56.4 percent of students statewide.

In mathematics, 54.7 percent of district students are proficient or advanced in this content area while 43.9 percent of county and 51.2 percent of state students are scoring at proficient or advanced performance levels.

Students in the SSUSD district testing in the social sciences outperform student performance at both the county and state as well. Fifty-six percent of district students are proficient or advanced in the social sciences as compared to 43.4 percent in the county and 49.4 percent of students across the state.

Science performance continues to be an area of strength for Sierra Sands. More than two-thirds, or 67.4 percent of Sierra Sands students are performing at the proficient or advanced levels in science as compared to students in the county, 49.8 percent and state, 59.1 percent.

In September, the district will receive additional data from the California Department of Education regarding the Accountability Pro-gress Reporting system. At that time, the district and every site will develop and implement a comprehensive plan to support the success of our students. Rummer said.

Story First Published: 2013-08-14