Supports McCarthy’s efforts

To the Editor;

I love this country for all it stands for — its Fathers, Constitution, people and love for truth, and ultimately love for God. Because of the oppression I have experienced while growing up in Macedonia under Communism, it has been so liberating to experience the freedoms we cherish in this country but maybe taken for granted by those who have not witnessed the torment of tyranny and the vise of political correctness.

Because patriotism, civility, and love for country are a way of life in this community I have noted that in controversy people have utter respect for each other and for the meaning of responsibility and the trust given. It is something that inspires one just to be here and walk the streets of this town of loyal citizens who truly respect the Constitution of the United States.

A few weeks ago I noticed a sense of frustration in the air, and I will express my opinion on the subject. In hearing from some of the members in this community, I realize that there were strong objections to the decisionsmade in Washington about the furloughs at China Lake. It seems obvious that the people of this community felt that Rep. Kevin McCarthy had not come to their aid in this critical issue regarding the furloughs. The concern expressed by China Lakers was that with the time constrains they would be unable to get their work done for the warfighter.

In my short residence in Kern County I’ve had the opportunity to meet its people, the dedicated leadership at China Lake as well as McCarthy. When the Congressman heard from his constituents, his quick response brought immediate action that resulted in the House passing an amendment to end Defense Working Capital Fund furloughs.

I am certain Rep. McCarthy is not “sleeping at the wheel” nor riding on the waves of hypocrisy. If anything, the complex, rather massive administrative structure is more likely to be the ground leading to misunderstanding.

I believe that Kern County has the crown jewel of California with Kevin McCarthy as our Congressman. We may have differences of opinion but can do so without obstructing our endeavor in unity and reliance toward each other. As of now McCarthy has the attention in Washington and is leading concerted efforts to reverse the furloughs at DWCF.

We Americans are a very special breed of people, searchers for our own destiny, our own life and everything beautiful it can provide. Our struggle is as much a part of our lives as are the joyous fruits of our labor. We are sharing our pain with the loved ones without feeling impeded in our effort to share our dreams with our neighbors and with the men and women who dare to ask of life something more then mere existence.

Our independence has taught us to believe in our neighbor, in our relationship with God, to trust but not restrain us from taking our stand for the truth. Building and delivering such virtues were and I believe still are a part of our culture individually and collectively as a nation.

Alexander Kubaiski

Story First Published: 2013-07-31