Sequestration should be removed

To the Editor;

Recently the local papers have featured Rep. Kevin McCarthy and his take on furloughs of China Lake employees in response to the “sequestration.” He has denounced them as the wrong thing to do and has been depicted sternly demanding information from Department of Defense officials as to the legality and utility of such furloughs ordered to comply with last year’s congressional budget decisions requiring DOD to reduce spending. I don’t like the furloughs either, but then, I didn’t have any role in those budget decisions. As Majority Whip, Mr. McCarthy certainly did. And, as a leader of the majority party in the House of Representatives, he certainly had a role in letting those decisions be implemented this year.

Rather than this posturing about furloughs, he could do better for our country by engaging in realistic bargaining to get the sequestration removed. Isn’t that the role a congressional leader should take?

So I find his protestations at best disingenuous and designed to pander to our community. And I fault our local papers for letting him get away with it.

Gino LaMarca

Story First Published: 2013-07-31