Armstrong family praises support

To the Editor:

The Armstrong family would like to thank community members for their support of the 17th annual Matt Armstrong Soccer Tournament over Memorial Day weekend. This year we gave two scholarships, one each to Kyra Brown and Shawn Prescott.

A very special thanks goes to Burroughs High School for letting us use their athletic fields and snack bar. Thanks also to the city of Ridgecrest for letting us use their soccer goals.

Thanks to our team sponsors: Ian’s Lawn, Paul Weimholt Foundation, Pierce Elementary School, Murray Middle School, Pizza Factory, Ferguson Construction, Lone Pine FC, On-Scene Productions, Ridgecrest United, Racer Rob’s Plumbing, Rick Webber, McDonald’s Restaurant, Phoenix Paint, Outrag’n, Power of Ministry, Kim Frankenberger, China Express and Lupe Flores.

Thanks to the businesses that donated raffle prizes: Ogren Optometry. Atlas Van Lines, Baxendale’s, RB Sweeping, Balsam Street Cleaners, Windows, Walls ‘N’ Floors, Cindy and Company, Cordell Construction, Casa Corona, Phoenix Paint, Jeff Fisher family, All That Glitters, Indulgences and Pure Healing Food.

Thanks to the businesses that donated their services: Atlas Van Lines, Ridgecrest Septic and Mather Diary.

Thanks to our organizing committee: Cindy Webber, Kathy Russell, Kathy Villa, Pete Wiley and Darin Russell, our photographer.

This year’s winners were Under 10 — Phoenix White; Under 12 — Phoenix Orange; Under 14 — Chelsea; Bronze — Real Madrid; Silver —Power of Ministry and Gold — Pipiripaus.

The Armstrong Family

Story First Published: 2013-07-03