Reduce Parks & Rec job to manager

To the Editor:

After hearing of Councilwoman Acton’s proposal to cut the Parks and Recreation director position and make it a managerial position, thereby reducing the salary and saving $100,000, I say hurray for her.

Kurt Wilson proposed this before he fled the roost. When considered carefully, it should be easily seen that this position does not warrant the high salary that is being paid and that this position change is most logical. In addition, it will save the amount of money apparently needed to save the pool. This will be a longterm saving also.

What does not seem perfectly logical about this, even to those like myself who could argue that even a parks manager position is not necessary? Please implement this proposal immediately.

Also next year I hope we can find a better way to craft the P&R budget than spending almost 11 hours doing Mr. Ponek’s job for him from the dais, debating every little $10,000 line item. If he cannot come up with a budget that meets the directions given, maybe someone else should be given the chance. That is something to consider if you also change the P&R director position to a manager position.

Freedom to the People of Ridgecrest.

Mike Neel

Story First Published: 2013-07-03