Appreciates expeditious pest service

To the Editor:

This past Sunday (June 9) started out like any other ordinary day… Well, that is if you call waking up to a colony of bees making your front door their home base ordinary!

I quickly picked up the phone and called Deana Ferguson, owner of Stafford’s and made my plea for help. She was so understanding of me calling her after hours (and on a Sunday no less!). She said she would call her staff to see if someone was available.

Since working with bees is an extraordinary event, she only had a few employees that specialized in this type of call. She was able to make contact with one of her employees, Andrew, on his way back from a weekend trip up north and he stopped by my house on his way in to town to take care of the job!

Andrew was there on Sunday afternoon, twice on Monday and again on Tuesday to make sure the job was completed and the bees had moved on. Thank you to Deana and Stafford’s Pest Control for such a professional and quick response!

Ricca Charlon

Story First Published: 2013-06-19