Ray Price concert at DEF canceled

Linda Saholt

News Review Correspondent

The much-anticipated Ray Price concert that had been set for June 14 has been canceled because of the artist’s health issues.

According to Desert Empire Fairgrounds CEO Mike Leming, refunds will be issued to all ticketholders, for both admission and steak dinners that were purchased.

“Everyone is disappointed, and there are a lot of prayers for Ray. He likes to be there for the fans; he likes to play for the people,” said Leming.

Leming said that Price had a series of medical difficulties and is taking time to recover, on his doctor’s orders. The famed country singer, who was hospitalized for 30 days recently, is undergoing chemotherapy to keep his pancreatic cancer in remission.

Leming said he called Price’s booking agent and learned that concert dates in other cities, including Las Vegas and Kansas City, were also canceled.

“Ray loves playing here at the Desert Empire Fairgrounds. It was to be his only gig in California. After playing here, he was going back to Las Vegas and some dates in Texas,” said Leming.

“A lot of people are really disappointed. There are some major Ray Price fans here. We’re calling everyone to be sure everyone who bought a ticket gets their refund.

“We already talked to most of the advertisers. We’re still getting calls from people wanting tickets. We’ve already taken down all the banners and we’re taking down the signs and posters. We’ll all pray for his recovery.”

The 87-year-old Country Music Hall of Fame singer has been making records since 1949. According to www.billboard.com, Price said that he is set to record a new album soon and that he plans to play well over 100 dates in the coming year.

If you have not heard from DEF about your refund, call 760-375-8000.

Story First Published: 2013-06-12