Final chess results announced

Final chess results announcedThe 14th season of free chess tournaments for local students ended May 4, at Gateway Elementary School. The average attendance for the nine monthly tournaments this year was 108 students per tournament with more than 280 different students taking part in one or more tournaments. Torin Fuller was awarded a $100 scholarship for being the top overall scorer in the 9-12 section this year.

Gateway Elementary, Richmond Elementary and Las Flores elemen-tary schools were the top three elementary schools this year while Murray was the top middle school.

Individual awards were given to the top players for the 2012-2013 season for each grade level. Kindergarten: first place, Isen Koontz (Ridgecrest Charter); second, Joshua Simmons (Las Flores); third, Xzavier Oakes (Las Flores).

First Grade: first place, Jason Christianson (Gateway); second, Kevin Panergo (Gateway); third, Andrew Bui (Gateway).

Second Grade: first, Geoffrey Brown (Pierce); second, Quinn Moore (Home); third, Douglas Bui (Gateway).

Third Grade: first, Caden Beames (Richmond); second, Robbie Forbis (Gateway); third, Sebastian Hardwick (Gateway); fourth, Kyle Dutton (Gateway); fifth, Colton Griffin (Gateway).

Fourth Grade: first, Keval Joshi (Las Flores); second, Bryce Hill (Inyokern); third, Jose Ciricuti (Pierce).

Fifth Grade: first, Dillon Bling (Pierce); second, Christina Neipp (Pierce); third, George Feldman (Richmond); fourth, Audrey Hard-wick (Gateway); fourth, Emilio Villegas (Pierce).

Sixth Grade: first, Jerry Koreman (Murray); second, Justin Milner (Murray); third, Jack McFarland (Monroe).

Seventh Grade: first, Britney Brown (OFL); second, Jacob Kelley (Murray); third, Bailey Rouell (Murray).

Eighth Grade: First, Torin Fuller (OFL); second, Ben King (Home); third, Omer Dhar (Murray). Ninth Grade: first, Andrew Whitcomb (Home). Tenth Grade: first, Ayusha Joshi (BHS). Eleventh Grade, first, Gregory Ostrom (BHS). Twelfth Grade: first, Joseph Oreste (Home).

The 15th season of free scholastic chess tournaments is tentatively scheduled to begin on Labor Day, Sept. 2, at Gateway Elementary School.

For details call Dwight Morgan at 760-377-0034.

Story First Published: 2013-05-22